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How it worksEdit

You can send artwork from Pimp My Gun to one of our Admins or Bureaucrats, and we'll post your weapons, and names to a PMG page for your profile.

The programEdit

The program we use is called Pimp My Gun, it is the best gun creator, and one of the best to get a simple, yet good gun, with over hundreds of pieces from the shortest stock all the way to the longest flash hider.

If you wish to make art work as well, use this link.


Unless you have special permission, do not add a picture, it will be removed. Take your time and make a masterpiece. Sloppy jobs wont get much praise! :) Do not tell us how this are impossible to happen in real life. We know that more then half would be to complicated and to useless for real combat, but that's the beauty of it. Please give thanks to Doctor Noob and Skipper Lee Yin Pen for creating this great program. If we are currently offline, please give a message to any other artists. Please do not submit more than 1 gun at a time. If you submit a gun, please leave your signature on the artists talk page so we can give credit. Guns without sigs will not get credit.


A preset is a gun that is a base gun with very minimal mods. Presets are EXTREMELY frowned upon and will be removed on the spot. It pushes back users artwork that actually took work. Please refrain from uploading presets into the Wiki.



Main article: User:Dudebot121256/PMG images

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