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Please note that you must have 50 main space edits to vote. Ineligible votes will be struck through and ignored.

If you would like to request bureaucrat rights, please read the requirements and nominate yourself below.


  • Be a friendly, active and trusted part of the community for a time longer than 6 months
  • Admin rights
  • Understandable, nearly 100% correct English all the time
  • Comfortable with the tools
  • Good knowledge of wiki-editing (coding, etc.)
  • Already have admin rights for at least 3 months
  • Know your way around the wiki, and know and get along with other users.

How to nominate yourself/another userEdit

Place a new section under the Nominations header, and then give a few sentences about why you/the user deserves the rights and, in the case of self-nominations, what you would do with the rights if elected.

If you have been nominated by another user, and do/don't wish to be nominated, place a sentence under the nomination stating your choice.


If you wish to nominate yourself, or another user for Bureaucrat rights, place a nomination below.

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