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  1. War Ensemble - As I Lay Dying (Originally by Slayer) (4:51)
  2. Fight the Power - The Dillinger Escape Plan featuring Chuck D (Originally by Public Enemy) (3:57)
  3. Uprising - iwrestledabearonce (Originally by Muse) (4:16)
  4. War Pigs - The Acacia Strain (Originally by Black Sabbath) (8:15)
  5. One – Periphery (Originally by Metallica) (7:12)
  6. Fortunate Son – The Ghost Inside (Originally by Creedence Clearwater Revival) (2:29)
  7. For What It's Worth – Winds of Plague (Originally by Buffalo Springfield) (2:40)
  8. Us and Them – Misery Signals (Originally by Pink Floyd) (7:41)
  9. Masters of War – Arsonists Get All the Girls (Originally by Bob Dylan) (4:15)
  10. War – Oceano (Originally by Edwin Starr) (3:58)
  11. Sunday Bloody Sunday – Veil of Maya (Originally by U2) (4:25)

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